How to tell others that you feel like crap (literally)

The symptoms of Crohn’s Disease tend to be “silent-but deadly” (yes, enjoy my gas humor). You look fine on the outside, maybe a “little tired” as some people would put it. But inside, it feels like your stomach was run over my a truck.

Explaining how you feel to the average non-diseased individual can be hard. It becomes increasing difficult when people don’t understand the level of pain. It’s not like I had bad sushi, guys. It’s a whole new level of IBD hell.

So here some comebacks/explanations I have developed to help communicate with others:

  1. I can’t go out tonight. Give me a day to rest, digest and I’ll be back (simple, to the point).
  2. I can’t go out tonight because my guts hate me (sympathy card)
  3. Sorry I can’t. I’m trying to digest some gravel that I mistakenly ate (bit more snarky)
  4. I’ll be fine. I’m just going to disembowel myself like a samauri (way melodramatic)

If there is one things I learned, you need to put your health first. If people still don’t understand why you can’t go out , that’s okay. Your body needs your attention more than they do. You will be down for the count longer if you don’t put you first.

For those people who know someone struggling with their disease, keep things simple. Be understanding. Give us a day to rest. Let us eat, take meds, do what we need to do get on the right track. We’ll be back. People with IBD gotta have guts.


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