Time for a Gut Check

If you haven’t noticed, having stomach sensitivities seems totally trendy nowadays. Becoming “GLUTEN FREE” is the newest marketing craze in the food industry. But for a person who has lived with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) for fourteen years now, I have to ask: What took you so long?

My story: I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a form of IBD, at the age of nine. Usually, this disease manifests itself when a person is in his or her teenage years or early twenties. Safe to say, telling a nine year old she is “diseased” is difficult. I remember thinking to myself, “Can I give Crohn’s disease to my friends? Do I have to be homeschooled? Am I going to DIE?”

Twenty-three-year-old me can look back and laugh. But the road to remission has not been easy (fingers crossed I stay this way). I went through the trials of tests upon tests. The blood work, the steroids, the endo/colonoscopies. I have pictures of my “moon-faced” months when I was on serious amount of prednisone. I have other pictures of me with my feeding tube, which I slept with nightly for four months during fifth grade. I have cards from from friends who wrote to me when I was in the hospital for extended periods of time.

I have the memories, the battle scars, the pill bottles – everything that tells my story. But now, with people finally shedding some light on digestive diseases, I want to share my story in words.

This blog is dedicated to my past and present journey with IBD. I am going to catalog my ups, my downs, and my “flushstations” when dealing with Crohn’s disease.




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