Fodmaping in the City

With something like Crohn’s Disease, defining your diet is a test-and-learn process. That’s why I am usually wary of new “fad” diets that pop up, claiming to be better for my digestion. But sometimes, they can be a change for the better.

One of the newest diets I’m researching is the Fodmap diet (say whaaaat?). Yes, the word Fodmap actually describes the small strands of carbohydrates that are hard to break down in the intestinal tract.

FODMAPs include for: Fructose, Lactose, Fructans, Galactans and Polyols.

Since that may seem like gibberish, here are some examples of each carb to avoid:

Fructose: Apples, honey and other high-sugar items

Lactose: Soft cheese, milk, dairy ect

Fructans: Gluten, garlic, onions

Galactans: Beans, soy beans

Polyols: Artificial sweeteners and surprisingly avocados 😦

As an overview, this diet asks you to cut out gluten, dairy, beans and other assorted produce. It is quite the challenge to memorize the “do’s” and “don’ts” list, too. However, the pay out is suppose to be big.

Reducing Fodmaps is suppose to relieve symptoms of bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea. Foods high in Fodmaps are high fiber and osmotic. These characteristics make them difficult to digest and prone to fermentation in the intestines, leading to those uncomfortable gut reactions.

My goal is to try out this diet and see if it lives up to expectations! If anything, cutting foods out of my diet could help me understand how to eat better in general. (I am known to have quite the sweet tooth.) Now excuse why I go re-evalute my shopping list for the start of the Fodmap adventure!

For a more official overview of the Fodmap diet, check out this guide from Stanford University.




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