Fodmaps: The Nitty, Gritty & Shitty

A wise person once said, Everyone Poops. And if you have Crohn’s Disease, you know this is exceptionally true.

Poop and IBD go hand and hand. I learned early on that I could understand how my insides were doing by looking at what was coming out of them. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to have healthy, regular poops while on the Fodmap diet.

Now, you may ask: What makes for a healthy poop? Well, obviously a lot of people asked this question because there is a chart to help with poop identification:


This chart is known as the Bristol Stool Scale. It is designed to help doctors understand how the body is breaking down and digesting food. I personally like this chart because it lets me know what to expect or how I am going to feel for the next few days if I deviate from “normal” poops.

I don’t go as far as keeping a poop journal, which some people find very helpful! But once I start the Fodmap diet, I did try to keep mental notes of how I felt and well… pooped throughout the day.

I scored Type 4s across the broad! Woooohoooo! Seeing it described as a “sausage” makes me never want to eat sausage again. But this means that the diet provided me with the proper amount of fiber (lacking in Type 1 poops) and did not irritate my intestines (the cause of Type 7 poops).

If you have a desire to learn more about poo, here is a short article from WebMD  and another from the Huffington Post. 

Happy eating! (And pooping)



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