Back in the Saddle Again

FODMAP, FODMAP. Wherefore art thou FODMAP?

Yes, I’m back! Sometimes life throws you curve balls… and sometimes you get lazy. I have to say, my hiatus was caused by a bit of both. I recently switched jobs, switched roommates, switched GI doctors. It all has taken a bit to get used to. But hopefully, it’s just like riding a bike, or a horse. Back in the saddle again?

First things first – how did the diet fair during all of this? It’s a little worse for ware. I gave myself some leeway, and by that I mean I started eating some gluten-y products again. One of my main weakness is sweets: cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, ect. Soo I have let a few of those things slide. But, as we head into the holiday season, I am determined to keep things as gluten-free as possible. Having a happy belly would be a nice Christmas present, I have to say.

I always thought it was funny when people said they were going on a diet right before the holidays. I mean IT’S THE HOLIDAYS. You are suppose to eat a little more, drink a little more, knowing full well that there will be time to burn it off before swimsuit season. But here I am, about to reembark on one of the most restrictive GF, DF diets there is during PEAK cookie season.

Looking forward, I think I’m going to try out some GF, DF dessert recipes that hopefully won’t be Bah Humbug. My other goal – to develop a carefully crafted game plan for staying on diet while eating large family holiday meals. Relatives hate/don’t understand when you tell them you don’t want to try their food.

Wish me luck! Hopefully this isn’t an impossible undertaking. I’m glad to be back (and so is my belly).





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