Sometimes, when you have dietary restrictions, its like speaking a second language. You’ve got that GF (gluten free), but not the DF (dairy free)? Or vice versa?

Finding that magical combination can be challenging. And when you do, its even harder to find a product that tastes remotely close to its gluten/dairy-filled counterpart. In reality, it’s a trial and error process, which can unfortunately cost you a pretty penny at some natural food store.

Here are a few GF, DF products  I’ve tried and my honest opinions.

SO Delicious Dairy Free Yogurt Alternative

Pro: When they say delicious, they mean DELICIOUS. This yogurt is absolutely
decadent. It has a nice creamy texture and no yogurt tangy-ness, which I personally do not like. This is fantastic with fresh fruit.

Con: This yogurt is incredibly high in sugar. 24 grams in one serving! Honestly, this stuff should be considered a dessert-level snack. I say enjoy! But in moderation …

Udi’s Spinach Tortillas

Pro: I (used to be) a big fan of flour tortillas. While corn tortillas are naturally GF+DF, I wanted something closer to my old favorite. Udi’s Spinach Tortillas nails the textures. I even like the added hints or spinach – it makes me feel healthier eating them?

Con: The tortillas are a bit stiff – I suggest warming them before consuming. The sizing is also a bit awkward. You either have one larger taco or a smallish burrito.

Cinnamon Rice Chex

Pro: This cereal is now officially my favorite breakfast, snack and even dessert. I have always been a sucker for things crunchy and sweet. But when you give up gluten, you feel like you have to forgo all those delicious crunchy carbs. This cereal is the solution. Thanks you snack gods for this gift for FODMAP-ers

Con: Trying not to eat too much



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